Top 40 Band, Floor Show
Duo - Unlimited
80's Medley - Unlimited
Top 40 Medley - Unlimited



What is Unlimited?


Our show was built around the mould of Casino Entertainment from showgirl style glamorous costumes, a live DJ and a band that includes 4 vocalists, Drums, 2 Guitars, Keyboards and Percussion.  With true showmanship, chart topping dance hits and close attention to detail in modern production, this one is a heart-stopping show you need to see!


Why Unlimited?


Crowd Interaction - Above and Beyond!

Live video streaming on our deal LCD screens, during the show.  We have a live camera roaming the stage and also into the audience later in the night.  A feature that always has a large portion of the audience wanting to get involved.  After all, they'll get to appear on the big screens!  It's modern and engaging. 


Again, taking the plasma screens to the next level, we allow the crowd to choose what song they want to hear next in certain parts of the show.  You have the opportunity to text 'A', 'B' or 'C' and the highest percentage will show up on the screen; that's what we play next!  Naturally the crowd is always encouraged to sing along on their own, and even join in on the bands choreography - on stage!


Inovation and Technology - Unmatchable!

Unlimited have taken their technology to yet another level!  This may be our best addition yet; allowing us to perform at our peak.  The whole show has now gone MIDI allowing us to completely synchronise ALL elements of production.  From our screens playing the original video clips of every song matching up to the exact word that we sing, to the state-of-the-art light show catching every accent and always performing and engaging with each other and the audience.  It's simple things like not having to change a keyboard or guitar sound which allows us to take our show to another level.