Welcome!  We often get asked various questions about booking the bands and entertainment in general, if there is anything further you need to know - please ensure you give us a call - we will be more than happy to assist you.


Can I see the Band/Trio or Duo perform live?


Yes - there is a large selection of the bands that you can see live at their regular showcase evenings.  These showcase evenings are free of charge and run for around 30-40 minutes.  Most times they are at a studio, occasionally they will be at a live gig which you are able to attend.


Does the performer provide music between set breaks?


Yes, all performers provide ambient music between set breaks, before and during the performance times allocated.  Some clients like to provide their own list and would therefore need to provide their own iPod and ensure they collect it at the close of the evening.


Do the performers provide their own pa and lighting?


Yes, all our bands have their own pa system and their own stage lighting.  If you want lights for your dance floor, you will need to provide this yourself.



How long do the perfomers play for at your function?


Bands are usually booked for a 5 hour period.  Their music will be played in and around your formalities on the night - this usually equates to 3-4 x 40-45 minute sets - again this will be specific to each individual event.  If you need the performer to play more than the 5 hour period - this can usually be arranged for an extra fee.



What do I need to supply?

We occasionally get asked do we need to supply the band with food, yes you do, they are there usually including set up and pack down for a long time - usually 6-8 hours, so we suggest that you approach your venue and ask for a CREW meal or STAFF meal, and to include Soft Drinks.  If you would like to offer your performers Beer and Wine, you do so at your discretion.


The band will supply all the pa unless organised prior to the event otherwise.  They usually will have their own 'stage' lighting, however, do not provide 'dance floor' lighting.


Their songlists are mostly standard, however, depending on the band, you will have a fair amount of input into what is played on the night off this list.  We do recommend though, that you allow the band to 'read the crowd', they are all professionals and know what they are doing to have your guests dancing and having a great time - that's what they do - ENTERTAINMENT!!!


Most bands will also provide you with a spare Mic used for speeches.