Wedding Entertainment

Wedding entertainment played at wedding celebrations, including the ceremony and any festivities before or after the event. The music can be performed live by instrumentalists and/or vocalists or may use pre-recorded songs, depending on the format of the event, traditions associated with the prevailing culture and the wishes of the couple being married.


Wedding Entertainment will be different with every culture - it may include Popular wedding bands, wedding trios, string quartets or string trios, or perhaps a DJ.


We suggest that if time permits that you go and view the band if you havent seen them - be aware that some bands are not what they seem - they swap and mix their singers - there are 4 'franchise' bands in Melbourne that 'throw together' a band for your wedding - they hold mass showcases and people are unfortunately led to beleive that this 'super band' is who they are getting on the day - you will not........they are a franchise that operate in different parts of Australia and we have nothing to do with these types of bands - we have seen too much disappointment and have had to work to replace the band for the client.


Be sure to ask 'Is this the band we will have on the day' !






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