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Intimate Wedding and Event Specialists

When a band is popular enough to be in constant demand for over 15 years we must be doing something right - and that's because we know intimate events. Our specialty is events up to 150 guests - perfect for today's brides and grooms or event organisers who feel it's more important to focus on creating a memorable and personal experience with quality entertainment rather than a huge affair. *Besides wouldn't you rather spend those extra $$ on your honeymoon or something really special?


Why book us?

You only have one chance to get your entertainment right. Correct? Soul Divas shine with a refreshing tightness you won't find in the average band. Our track record is proven with 12 Australian Bridal Industry Awards voted by clients just like yourself. We really love what we do and it shows in the care, attention and performance we offer every client. You can rely on us.


Who's in the band?

Our members are like family: warm, well-presented, professional musicians who have been with us since day one. Our most popular line up is our Trio with female vocals who you can meet at our Viewing Nights; however, you can expand to a 4-6 piece band with female and male vocals, guitar, sax or keyboards. The musicians at our viewings are the musicians who will turn up to your event.


What music styles do we play?

Trust us, we've got all your favourites and more in our Classic Retro to Current Covers playlist. Buble to Bon Jovi, Sinatra to Swift, Kylie to Katy, Palmer to Pink, Barnesy to Bruno, Jackson to J.Lo, Gaynor to Gaga, Chisel to Cruz, Maroon 5...Need more? Check out our comprehensive play list.