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Medley - Say It Again

say it again


Say It Again offers the perfect musical backdrop for your special day. Performing as an acoustic duo, they provide that crucial element of elegance and intimacy at both your wedding ceremony and reception. 

With years of experience at wedding ceremonies behind them, Say It Again have discovered the formula for creating an intimate atmosphere in a simple acoustic duo setup. One listen to any of the audio demos, and I'm sure you'll agree!


Not restricted to just intimate love songs though, Say It Again brings excitement and energy to the reception dance floor as well.  Playing a huge variety of hits, every performance consists of an astonishing blend of 50’s rock’n'roll, 60’s pop, and virtually everything else up until today. With an ever growing and flexible song list, Say It Again will be able to cater to whichever style or mood you require.


The Music


The strength of Say It Again is their artistic integrity and unique interpretations of the songs you love to here. Richelle's lead vocals are simply breathtaking, and Josh's uncanny ability to manipulate even the most un-acoustic songs into a duo context is quite outstanding.

erhaps you are worried that an acoustic duo may not bring enough energy to your reception though? Say It Again counters this in two different ways. Firstly, they employ percussive instruments such as The Stomp-Thing (bass-drum-sound) and a tambourine (that usually gets handed round to the guests!) to boost the overall dynamics of the show, and encourage dancing. This can be a good mid-way option for those not wanting things to get too loud. For those wanted to go all the way, however, Say It Again are armed with an arsenal of high quality sequenced backing tracks that sound almost identical to the original versions of the songs. The vocals and guitars are, of course, still performed live. 


Look no further...


Word is spreading that Say It Again may just be the most important new wedding duo to emerge in Melbourne in recent times.


The ceremony package - what's included?


20 minutes pre-ceremonial music

Three songs of the bride/groom’s choice (bridal procession, signing of the registry, recessional)

P.A. speaker system that can also be used for the celebrant/minister’s microphone (wireless/lapel microphone not provided)


The reception package - what's included?


4×40 minute sets of background and/or dance music

Two songs of the bride/groom’s choice (bridal party entrance, bridal waltz/dance)

Provide appropriate background music between sets

P.A. speaker system that can also be used for mp3 background music and/or speeches

Tailored song list to meet the needs of the client