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Swing Majestic is a truly unique, professional, and elegant wedding entertainment solution. We offer a compact three piece full band, complete with acoustic drums, upright bass, classic vocals and our own pre-recorded brass section. 


As the name suggests, we have a strong swing and big band theme through our repertoire, but with a modern twist. In fact, we play everything from the swing standards of Frank Sinatra to the modern day swing hits from his contemporary counterparts such as Michael Buble and Robbie Williams and can even include non-swing dance floor favourites as the night progresses.



Size Matters!


Swing Majestic was specifically engineered to service the wedding industry, and the size of our band is no mistake. Space and sound level are the issues! It is very common for wedding reception venues to have very small performance and dance floor areas, and it is essential that your band can work within these space constraints and not get in the way of your guests or the reception staff.


Additionally, larger bands tend to be louder, and this is not a good thing at a wedding reception! Many venues have sound (Db) meters that are constantly monitored by reception managers and coordinators, and the last thing you need to be concerned about on your special day is how loud the band is.



Experience and Professionalism Matter!


Rest assured that all of the members of Swing Majestic are heavily experienced professionals and have performed literally thousands of shows all over Australia including long standing public venue residencies at some of Melbourne’s most prestigious venues and regular wedding shows with top wedding bands such as the Baker Boys Band. 



The Wedding Band Makes a BIG Difference….


Of course, the correct wedding band will add just the right energy to the room and create that magical atmosphere that we are all after. This is not achieved simply however. It requires so much more than a great band with great sound and lighting production; it also requires the right songs at the right time, the right lighting at the right times and the right music between band brackets. Swing Majestic will work closely with you to ensure that each of these elements are delivered appropriately and to your tastes.