Medley - Swingin Both Ways

swingin both ways


When was the last time you heard a jazz ballad that really moved you to the core? Do you recall the last time you enjoyed a meal or drinks with friends and were enveloped by the perfect background music that really set the mood?

Swingin' Both Ways can play it every which way. The lush vocal combined with the jazz guitar can take a back seat or strut up on centre stage. With a huge repertoire and a long string of residencies at Melbourne's top jazz and blues venues including Young and Jackson's and Dizzy's as well as several appearances internationally including La Boheme Bar - Paris and The Saxophone Pub - Singapore - this Duo will delight audiences of all ages and tastes with an eclectic sound that moves from blues to pop, from jazz to soul and it's sure to set your feet a tappin'.

A typical night with these two musical cats might include - a couple of sets of standards and ballads, reminiscent of Ella Fitzgerald and oe Pass, jazz with a bluesy edge and plenty of old favourites. As the night rolls along, the Duo will lift the tempo to R n' B and Pop. Combine this with a professional friendly attitude, big smiles and a theatrical performance style, Swingin' Both Ways will have the audience coming back for more!

Available as the Duo or added Trumpet for a Trio.