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Cool, sophisticated and professional. 

You want a classy wedding or corporate function that you and your guests will remember for ever. The Leanne Crawford Band help to add that touch of class with superb musicianship, memorable popular tunes, high quality equipment, and a professional approach.

The age range at a wedding is typically over 60 years; from infants to grandparents and all ages in between. It stands to reason that their musical tastes are going to be diverse. The Leanne Crawford Band cater for this with a repertoire that spans over 70 years of music and includes hot 30's, 40's Big Band hits, Latin, 50's and many of the all time jazz favourites.

You want background music that allows you to hold a conversation during the meal, and a bigger sound for dancing later in the evening. The Leanne Crawford Band are available as a duo or trio for the quieter parts of your reception and a quartet or quintet for dancing.

There are lots of dance bands but they don't play jazz.......and there are lots of jazz bands but you can't dance to them.



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