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Welcome to the HEATWAVE Experience. Whether you are an avid ‘Soul’ or ‘Motown’ enthusiast or are looking to ‘strut your stuff’ on the dance floor to hot funky disco tunes and modern dance grooves - Heatwave is your answer.

Consisting of seven members (bass, percussion, drums, keyboard, guitar and two lead vocalists), Heatwave has the sound and performance edge to ensure a memorable occasion. Tight, funky and groove orientated, the band features strong vocal harmonies and a rhythm section dedicated to grooves that keep you groovin’.

Heatwave entertains audiences with a broad repertoire, combining classics by artists such as Marvin Gaye, Stevie wonder, Aretha Franklin and the Temptations with the funky tunes of today’s popular dance artists such as Jamiroquai and Kylie.

To enhance the impact of the band, Heatwave is able to offer a horn section and dancers in addition to the seven member line-up.

With a sound popular with all age groups, Heatwave guarantees an energetic and soulful experience.


H E A T W A V E   L I N E – U P


Heatwave's 6 member line-up
(Heatwave's Core) Male and Female Lead Vocalists, Bass, Guitar, Drums and Keyboards.


Heatwave's 7 member line-up

Includes Heatwave's Core members as well as a Saxophonist or Trumpet


Heatwave's 9 member line-up
Includes Heatwave's Core members as well as the 'Heatwave Horns' - Trumpet, Trombone and Saxophone.


Heatwave's 10 member line-up
Includes, the Heatwave's core members, the Heatwave Horns and a Percussionist