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Bois et Charbon play a unique variation on traditional Swing music known as Jazz Manouche. The music is full of passion and colour and played in the flamboyant spirit of the original forbearers of the music, nomadic Gypsies from the South of France called the ‘Manouche’.

Jazz Manouche has continued to grow in popularity since the early 1930s when the music first blossomed as a result of interaction between Swing music from America and Manouche musicians living in Paris, most significantly Django Reinhardt. Today Jazz Manouche continues to flourish throughout the globe, including Melbourne, the hometown of Bois et Charbon.

Bois et Charbon’s line-up consists of two guitarists, one of whom is Paul McIver, Paul Winter on clarinet/ tenor saxophone/ vocals and Elise Winterflood on upright bass. The line-up is flexible and the second guitar spot is filled by some of Melbourne’s finest guitarists including Jon Delaney, Daniel Charbon, Jules Brunton and Andrew Nolte. Their repertoire is made up of Jazz standards, Django Reinhardt compositions, traditional Manouche tunes and original compositions.

Professional and reliable performers, they have been favourably received at weddings, birthdays, community events and festivals as well as performing to high acclaim at inner city bars and restaurants. Bois et Charbon have played residencies at Lentil as Anything, The Edinburgh Castle, Open Studio and Bar 303. In March 2008 they released their first full length CD, Ma Premier.


Thank you so much! Bois at Charbon was perfect and the positive feedback has been resounding on your marvellous sounds. I sincerely hope all those who have asked me where to find you guys leads to further bookings for further congenial, laid-back occasions.
Looking forward to next time!

I loved the fabulous swinging music and fun vibes that Bois et Charbon brought to my birthday party. The music brightened the party and was loved by everyone. Thank you so much for playing!

I just wanted to thank you most sincerely for your performance last Sunday for Nance's 90th Birthday. I think it was one of your best. It made such a spectacular difference to the afternoon, and very many people commented to me on how good you were. Also your rendition of "Some Enchanted Evening" was spectacular. You transformed it into something the originators could only have dreamed of.
Very best wishes,